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“CloudTax is easy to use. A fresh newbie adult like me even learned how to get her taxes done with this. It's simple and straightforward”

Eve Rain

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“Very reliable and helpful! Strongly recommend”

Zinia Mustafa

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Caroline Roach

"So fast and easy, WAY better than other tax applications. I had a question about filing and the online chat was right there to help and answered right away. Filed my taxes in 30 minutes. Will be using again next year. Highly recommend."

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CloudTax is available on Apple iOS and Google Android. Work on your tax return on any device and changes are automatically saved.

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CloudTax is a game changer! I recommend it to all my friends. I was really overwhelmed with the idea of doing taxes on my own and the government referred me to CloudTax in its first year. I got lots back on my tax return too. Thank you!!!

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Bethea Arielle

I had the best, hassle-free experience with Cloud Tax. He filed 6 years worth of personal taxes for me within a couple of hours. He was polite, patient, professional and very efficient! I would highly recommend Cloud Tax to anyone who is overwhelmed with their own taxes.

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Eischez Sadiq

I highly recommend CloudTax, it's easy to use, help is always there, customer service is 10/10 and if you’re thinking about trying this platform, don’t think, just go for it!

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Tani Sha

CloudTax helped me immensely this past year with my troubles filing taxes as a self-employed individual for the first time. I highly recommend for anyone to use CloudTax as it is very affordable (or in some cases free) and they do such a fantastic job.

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Natasha Prehn
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Frequently Asked Tax Questions

Is CloudTax really free?

If you have a simple tax scenario, you can file your taxes for free. Unfortunately, you cannot use CloudTax Free if you reside in Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, or Quebec.

Is CloudTax safe and secure?

We’re serious about your security. CloudTax follows the highest privacy and security standards in the industry. Your tax data is encrypted on our servers using your password as the key. Information is only shared with the CRA and only if you choose to NETFILE through CloudTax.

How is CloudTax different from other free tax software?

CloudTax provides step-by-step guidance, unlimited chat support, and driven by AI technology. Also, it is compatible with Android mobile & iOS mobile/iPad. Anyone can file their taxes for free – no excuses!

Am I covered if I am audited?

You can choose to upgrade your services for just $29.99 per year and this will provide you with unlimited support throughout the year, along with audit protection. If you’re audited anytime throughout the year, we’re here to help and you can cancel your services at any time – no strings attached!

Why did you create a free income tax filing software?

Nimalan Balachandran, Founder & CEO, felt that a simple tax return, which typically does not take a lot of time to prepare, should not have a high price point. That is when he decided to build software that allows simple tax filers to file their taxes from home, free of charge. Everyone should be able to use CloudTax, and file their taxes with confidence!

We can help you every step of the way

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