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Unlock effortless tax filing with CloudTax’s AI-driven technology. Enjoy quick, simple, and free tax preparation while ensuring CRA certification. File your taxes with confidence today!
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Tens of Thousands of Canadians Trusting CloudTax for Every Stage of Life.

Tax Solutions Tailored for Students

  • Claim tuition fees (T2202 & TL11A) and interest paid on student loans
  • Include scholarships or bursaries received during the tax year
  • Claim the Canada Training Credit & transfer or carry-forward unused amounts
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Streamlined Tax Filing for Families

  • Filing jointly may result in a lower overall tax liability and higher refund
  • Effortlessly claim child care expenses, donations, medical expenses, and more.
  • Option to transfer unused tuition or disability amounts from dependents
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Confidence in Tax Filing for Newcomers

  • Access video tutorials and webinars specifically designed for newcomers
  • Step-by-step guidance for filing your first Canadian tax return seamlessly
  • Get your taxes reviewed by a tax expert or engaging in a chat with tax experts for personalized assistance.+
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Empower your self-employment journey

  • Optimize your tax return by claiming deductions for home office, vehicle expenses, and other essential business-related activities.
  • Maximize deductions with CloudTax's comprehensive expense management platform, CloudReceipts, simplifying year-round expense tracking.
  • Access expert guidance on deductible expenses, ensuring accuracy and maximizing your tax return with CloudTax.
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Optimized Tax Strategies for Investors

  • Easily report dividends, interest income, and investment-related expenses.
  • Leverage CloudTax's detailed T5008 page to maximize returns on foreign investments and ensure accurate reporting.
  • Simplify the reporting of foreign assets with T1135 filing option, ensuring compliance and accuracy in your tax filings.
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Seamless Tax Filing for Seniors

  • Let CloudTax Handle Your Retirement Taxes with Ease
  • Optimize Your Tax Situation with Pension Income Splitting, Medical Expenses, and Other Relevant Deductions
  • Enjoy Stress-Free Tax Filing in Your Golden Years
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We can help you every step of the way

Count on us every step of the way to secure your maximum refund quickly and with absolute certainty. Our guarantee ensures accurate and efficient results, giving you peace of mind throughout the tax filing process.

Import Slips (CRA Autofill)

Seamlessly integrate your tax information from CRA My Account using CloudTax's autofill feature. By leveraging Canada Revenue Agency's Auto-fill, CloudTax enables effortless importation of T4, T3, T5, T4A, T4AP, T4OAS, T2202, T5008, RRSP Contributions, and more into your tax return. Enjoy a streamlined filing process with accurate data retrieval, powered by CRA's autofill feature and CloudTax's intuitive platform.

AI Technology

CloudTax's AI technology, powered by an advanced OCR engine, revolutionizes data entry by effortlessly scanning and organizing slips such as T4, T3, T5, T4A, and T4OAS. This innovative feature eliminates manual guesswork, ensuring precise placement of slip data into the correct sections of your tax return. Experience the time-saving benefits of CloudTax's AI-driven approach to tax preparation.

Guided Steps

Say goodbye to confusing interfaces and endless scrolling with CloudTax's guided steps feature. Our platform boasts the simplest UI, guiding you through the tax filing process with ease. No more navigating through single pages or forms. Whether you're navigating the Canadian tax system for the first time or seeking a simplified solution, CloudTax ensures a seamless and stress-free experience from start to finish.

Add Partner & Dependants

With CloudTax, you have the flexibility to file your taxes in various ways. Choose between filing a married-joint return or separately, and easily add dependents to claim eligible expenses like child care and unused disability transfers. Our platform simplifies the process, empowering you to maximize deductions and credits while ensuring accurate tax filings.

Easiest tax filing software

Live Expert Support
As a CloudTax Plus user, you gain access to live expert support for any tax inquiries you may have, ensuring peace of mind throughout the filing process.
Video Tutorials and Webinars
Our platform offers an array of informative video tutorials and webinars, providing invaluable resources to enhance your tax filing experience.
Data Security Assurance
Your sensitive information is encrypted and safeguarded within our platform. Rest assured, we prioritize your privacy and never sell your data to third parties.
"I recently started using this application and I have to say I’m impressed! The interface is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. I also had a few questions and reached out to customer service via chat. Atheey and Natalie were very helpful and responsive, which made my experience even better. Overall, I’m very happy with CloudTax and would definitely recommend it to others."

Tax filing should be easy. Start for free.

Simplify your tax filing journey with our free, user-friendly platform. Get started effortlessly and experience hassle-free tax preparation today.
Free forever - 2 returns
Covers employment, self-employment, unemployment, pension income and etc
Import slips directly from the CRA
Guided Steps
File up to 20 returns
Everything in Free, plus:
Unlimited Tax & technical support (live-chat & phone)
Audit protection included for primary account
Access to CloudReceipts Personal

Get all these features you need to file your taxes

Error checking
and audit support
Handles complex and simple tax situations
CRA's Auto-fill and data
100% Secured and
CRA Certified
Jointly file tax
Compliance with
latest tax regulations
Simple and intuitive

Frequently Asked Tax Questions

Who can use CloudTax Free?

CloudTax is engineered to manage an array of tax returns. This includes simple tax returns like students, seniors, newcomers, and first-time filers to more complex scenarios involving forms such as T1135, T776, T777, T2125, etc. No matter the complexity of the tax situation, CloudTax is equipped to assist.

*CloudTax cannot be used for taxpayers who reside in the Province of Quebec.

Is CloudTax safe and secure?

We’re serious about your security. CloudTax follows the highest privacy and security standards in the industry. Your tax data is encrypted on our Google Cloud Platform. Information is only shared with the CRA and only if you choose to NETFILE through CloudTax.

What sets CloudTax Free apart from other tax software like TurboTax, WealthSimple Tax, UFILE, and H&R Block?

CloudTax stands out from competitors like TurboTax, WealthSimple Tax, UFILE, and H&R Block with its user-friendly interface, comprehensive step-by-step guidance, and unlimited chat support. Powered by advanced AI technology, CloudTax ensures accurate and efficient tax filing. Plus, it's compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices, offering unparalleled convenience for users on-the-go.

CloudTax is known as the modern, clean, and simplest tax filing software and app, certified by the CRA since the 2018 tax year. With CloudTax Free, filing taxes is not only effortless but also completely free, making it the top choice for Canadians seeking a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective tax solution.

Can CloudTax accommodate complex returns?

Absolutely! CloudTax is engineered to manage an array of tax returns. This includes straightforward returns like students, seniors, newcomers, and first-time filers to more complex scenarios involving forms such as T1135 and T776, T777, T2125, etc. No matter the complexity of the tax situation, CloudTax is equipped to assist.

Am I covered if I am audited?

You can choose to upgrade your services for just $29.99 per year and this will provide you with unlimited support throughout the year, along with audit protection. If you’re audited anytime throughout the year, we’re here to help and you can cancel your services at any time – no strings attached!

Why did you create a free income tax filing software?

Nimalan Balachandran, Founder & CEO, felt that a simple tax return, which typically does not take a lot of time to prepare, should not have a high price point. That is when he decided to build software that allows simple tax filers to file their taxes from home, free of charge. Everyone should be able to use CloudTax, and file their taxes with confidence!

Is training provided for using CloudTax Plus?

Yes, we offer comprehensive training videos and tutorials to help you maximize the benefits of CloudTax. For CloudTax Plus users, our support team is available to provide personalized assistance with any questions or challenges you may encounter while using the software.

Need help? We can help you every step of the way

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