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Not offering tax filing to customers?

Then you could be at a disadvantage. Why? Because your competitors offer this—or will be soon. So don’t lose good clients to your rivals. It’s way more expensive to win new customers than keep current ones. Or maybe you thought about offering tax-filing on your own. But realized right away—why reinvent the wheel? While embedded finance is not new, integrating tax filing still is.

Be the company to lead, not follow, the embedded trend.

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Ready to save clients’ time & money doing
their taxes themselves?

Add personal tax-filing software to your product suite - with the look & feel of your brand

We’ll help integrate the tax application into your environment. And provide support to your end-users. Without needing to hire any new staff.

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Our mission is to make it
easier to file taxes
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Tax software that’s tested and
certified by CRA


We guarantee the
accuracy of the tax filing


Our user-friendly interface
provides step-by-step guidance
to navigate the tax filing process


Our plans are affordable
and tailored to your needs


Your customers' data is encrypted and we
don't sell data to any third-parties

Why people love CloudTax

Imagine feeling the same after filing with us

CloudTax is a game changer! I recommend it to all my friends. I was really overwhelmed with the idea of doing taxes on my own and the government referred me to CloudTax in its first year. I got lots back on my tax return too. Thank you!!!

Picture of Holly Turner
Holly Turner

I had the best, hassle-free experience with Cloud Tax. He filed 6 years worth of personal taxes for me within a couple of hours. He was polite, patient, professional and very efficient! I would highly recommend Cloud Tax to anyone who is overwhelmed with their own taxes.

Eischez Sadiq

I highly recommend CloudTax, it's easy to use, help is always there, customer service is 10/10 and if you’re thinking about trying this platform, don’t think, just go for it!

Tani Sha

CloudTax helped me immensely this past year with my troubles filing taxes as a self-employed individual for the first time. I highly recommend for anyone to use CloudTax as it is very affordable (or in some cases free) and they do such a fantastic job.

Natasha Prehn
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Keep selling what you sell…

…while we field all tax-related questions. There’s little you need to know & do to offer tax support for your people. What wait any longer?
Book a call with us.
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Determine if we’re a match
Schedule a tech discovery call
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Connect your platform with our API.
We’ll help integrate into your environment
Customize the look and feel of the UI
Test the application on sandbox environment
Sell more of your servies
Enable tax filing for your customers.
Get the 'tax insight'
Increase your top-line revenue
Enhance your customer loyalty and retention
Picture of Nimalan Balachandran, CEO of CloudTax

It’s not always about how much one makes…

But rather, how much one keeps.

We created CloudTax to help tax payers get the most of their earnings—by filing the best returns possible. And, that’s easy to use for those that aren’t tax experts.

We created CloudTax API to accomplish the same for your customers

You know, the ones you’re already generating revenue from and for. So they can keep more of their earnings. And you can keep more of your customers. With a product customers can use—without leaving your platform, without any downloads, without any hassles.

And… without you needing to be a tax-pro.

Ready to build more loyalty? Earn more revenues? With tax-filing embedded directly into your financial products?


The only tax filing software…

That’s embeddable, customizable & Netfile-certified by the CRA

Tens of thousands of Canadians filed their taxes using this tax engine
Easy to customize the UI for your brand
Clients’ data is 100% safe, secure & encrypted in your environment
Clients’ data will never be sold or solicited
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Know your clients are filing the best returns possible

With a crack-shot team doing all the heavy lifting—so you don’t have to.
Tax-Filing Software
CRA-certified, co-branded, tax filing software for your clients. Nothing to download. And proven based on CloudTax engine.
Software Integration
Our team will works with yours to embed CloudTax API into your environment. Then configure the look & feel to match your brand—perfectly.
Technical Support
End-users will have questions. We will respond with answers. Quickly, clearly & completely. And all year around.
The tax engine driving CloudTax API, featured on

Maximum Refund and Accuracy Guaranteed.

We at CloudTax are dedicated to providing you and your clients with the best possible tax filing experience. Our solution guarantees the maximum refund and highest accuracy for your clients. We receive certification from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) every year and employ the latest tax laws and technology to ensure accuracy, security, and compliance.

If the CRA penalizes your clients due to an error made by our solution, we promise to pay any penalty and reimburse any interest charges incurred.
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You can trust that your clients will file their taxes with ease and confidence.

Frequently Asked Tax Questions

What is a white label tax filing solution?

A white label tax filing solution is a service that allows you to offer your customers a seamless and convenient way to file their taxes online, without leaving your app or website. You can customize the look and feel of the tax filing interface to match your brand identity and user experience. You can also earn a commission for every customer who files their taxes using your solution.

Why should you choose CloudTax API as your white label tax filing solution?

CloudTax API is the ultimate white label tax filing solution for digital banks and fintechs in Canada. It is certified by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and uses the latest technology to ensure accuracy, security, and compliance. It also provides personalized tax advice from a team of expert tax professionals. With CloudTax API, you can enhance your customer loyalty, retention, and revenue, while offering a value-added service that your customers need and appreciate.

How does CloudTax API work?

CloudTax API is a powerful and easy-to-use solution that allows you to embed tax filing functionality into your digital banking platform. You can use our RESTful API to connect your platform with our tax filing engine and data sources. You can also use our Auto-fill feature to automatically fill in parts of your customer’s tax return with information from the CRA. You can enable your customers to file their taxes online using our intuitive and user-friendly interface. They can receive their refund directly into their bank account within eight business days.

How can you get started with CloudTax API?

You can get started with CloudTax API in three simple steps:

1. Book a free consultation with us. Fill out a short form on our website and request a call with our sales team. We will show you a demo of our solution and provide you with a customized quote and proposal.

2. Connect your platform with our API. We will provide you with all the technical support, documentation, and sandbox environment you need to integrate CloudTax API into your platform smoothly and securely.

3. Launch CloudTax API to your customers. We will help you promote and communicate the benefits of CloudTax API to your customers. We will also provide you with customer service and support to assist, educate, and resolve any issues that your customers may have.