Self employed? CloudTax now certified for Self-employed individuals.

The numbers are a bit fuzzy, but generally it's believed about 3 million Canadians are self employed.

Self employment has tended to increase in the past during difficult economic times. The events of the past year growing from restrictions from the COVID 19 pandemic have accelerated that trend. .

Changes from the gig economy add even more people.

Self employment gets a slightly different treatment from Canada Revenue Agency. Tax forms do not have to be filed until June 15th. However, there is a catch. Any taxes owing must be paid by April 30th, so it's a good idea to get a head start on your return.

CloudTax is proud to announce it has recently been certified by CRA to provide services to self employed individuals through our CloudTax Plus platform.

CEO and Founder Nim Balachandran says "Our Plus platform combines all the best features of our tax software. It's intuitive, simple to follow, and with tax expert help available, it has everything necessary for users to adjust their own personal situations"



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